Brains on Improv 2014

In improv, you can create and collaborate. Improv is both the tools to build a new world, and an attitude of openness to what might happen in that world. Improv is exhilarating and thrilling. It's navigating uncharted territory without a map, but with a compass. Improvisation is defined by the phrase, "Yes, and…" where all participants accept what has been said and add to the action. This creates a positive environment with no wrong answers where all participants support each other in a positive social experience. In improvisation, challenging and problematic behaviors such as avoidance and rumination are met "head on" with fun and support. Humor happens as a side-effect of improv and is an excellent antidote to fear.

Why Improv?

In my experience, no expressive therapy matches up to improvisation.  You learn to take creative risks and support others who are doing so.  You can calm the emotional processing centers of the brain, learn how to make choices rather than react under pressure, feel exhilarated by getting emotions out in the open, and learn how to feel emotionally safe over time and with practice.

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BOI Details:

We have teamed up with Ryther's Aspiring Youth program and Jet City Improv to provide a 10 week program:

• Starts October 2nd

• Thursdays 4:30-6pm

• Location: Jet City Improv,

                    5510 University Way NE*

  • Info:
  •  206.517.0241 ○
  • Cost: $550 for 10 sessions 
  • Scholarships available

*10/2 & 12/4 sessions will be held at Ryther 2400 NE 95th Street Seattle, WA 98115