Geek is a culture--not a problem to be fixed

I'm dedicated to pursuing practical solutions, using the latest evidence, and helping people feel their best.

Are you tired of being the smartest person in the room? Do you work for people who don't  actually understand the work you do? Is it a relief to talk to someone who shares your interests or at least doesn't think you're weird? If so, you may be a geek like me.  Not all geeks are alike, of course. For example, I'm a therapist; not what you might expect in a geek.   Being a therapist who is a geek provides first-hand understanding of how we think, what we value, how we socialize, and that being a geek is not a problem to solve; being a geek is a way of thinking and being that needs to be understood if you want to work with us.


Geek-Centered Psychotherapy for Geeks of all Ages

Depression / anxiety / substance abuse
Relationship challenges
Parenting really bright kids

60% of positive therapeutic outcomes are attributed to the quality of the alliance between client and therapist.  Wampold, B. (2001) *

Why not see a fellow geek for therapy?

* Wampold, B. (2001) The Great Psychotherapy Debate, New York: Lawrence Erlbaum